Upcoming PAG Production

Standing L to R: Fay Shapiro, Ray Hebert, Myra McCune, Emilie Ortega, John Martin, Theresa Lewis, Davey Jones, Ed Radzke; Seated: Andy Bailey, Leslie Fellner

Refund Plan for Cancelled Spring Play - "Rumors"

Dear PAG members,

The issue of returning the money for tickets sold is going to be a huge chore and you need to read this carefully.  The whole community, including PAG, will have the opportunity to visit the front patio of 1739 E. Redstart Road (Jones’ residence) this coming Friday, March 20, 9:30am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Checks will be written for the person who paid for the tickets. No exceptions.  We are asking folks to bring ID just in case we do not recognize them.

Because several PAG members bought tickets for more than one day, we need you to respond to qcrebels@cox.net very soon to identify those purchases. There are lists available, but your help would move along the process.  Checks will start to be written tomorrow, but will only be available on Friday (or a yet to be determined future date/time).

The one exception for PAG members is that if you let us know by email (as above) in advance that somebody else will pick up the check, we can do that. However, the check will still be made out to the person who paid originally.

Your patience and consideration for this difficult process will be appreciated.

Contact Davey at qcrebels@cox.net for more information.