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Upcoming PAG Production

An Evening of Three One-Act Plays / April 6, 7, 8 / Maderal Clubhouse Ballroom 

Have you ever wondered what your pets were doing while you were out? ROY is a senior, but his reactions are quick. He can go from looking like he’s dead to 100% alertness in the blink of an eye. BUNNY is also a senior, and Roy’s partner. She is dissatisfied with her lot in life and dreams of once again escaping.

Roy and Bunny

Michele Donatich, Director

Maggie Brown, Assistant Director

Unbalanced Force

Sandi Hrovatin, Director

         BOB WHITE, a retired Allstate Claims Adjustor, and friend CHUCK, a fashion                   disaster with a pocket protector, have set out to scientifically prove there is an alternate universe. Bob’s wife, DORIS, has gone through one mental breakdown with Bob, and is in denial that he might be heading for another one. Doris’s friend SHELLY, single and stylish, arrives to pick up Doris for a makeover appointment, but ends up exposing a dangerous part of Bob and Chuck’s alternate universe experiment.

The When I'm Gone Folder

Maggie Brown, Director

                       Three women, friends for many years, are employed by a local                                     family run winery in a small town. Their job is to not only work in the tasting room, but they are the tasters with the responsibility of writing up the “wine notes.” If this was an episode of the GOLDEN GIRLS, DALE could possibly be Dorothy, EVIE possibly could be Rose, and BETTY could possibly be Blanche. This one act is all about the good and challenging parts of friendship, family and finality.

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