Audition for our Christmas Show

The Show 

“Christmas at O’Hare”

written by Bill Entwistle and Gregg Carr. Directed by Bill Entwistle.

Performances: December 9, 10, 11, 2021.  


September 19 & 20 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse Ballroom.

Not available? Call for an alternate audition date and time. Zoom auditions are welcome.


All who are interested are encouraged to audition. There are speaking parts with no singing required.  There are singing parts with no speaking required.   And, of course, there are both!


No preparations are required for auditions, as music and scripts will be provided.

All singing parts will be provided on CD to facilitate learning the music.


More Information

Call or text Bill Entwistle at 815-257-2279 or

email him at 



A group of people is stranded at O’Hare International Airport during a blizzard around Christmas. One of the couples has a special fruitcake laced with marijuana! Of course, mayhem takes place. 


With Christmas music entwined in the story, one could call this show a Christmas musical.

If all goes as intended, this one-act show will be broken up into sections to allow for dinner to be served.


To conclude the festivities, the PAG Choir will also provide a few Christmas songs.


Quail Creek residents interested in auditioning for the show

DO NOT have to be a member of PAG, however, you must join

if cast.

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