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The Red Velvet Cake War

Ode to “The Red Velvet Cake War”


There once was a group in Green Valley
Called the Performing Arts Guild;
Oh, the way they could act, they could laugh,
they could whine;

And fabulous sets Ray and crew could build.

Along came a play called the Red Velvet Cake War
With enlarged transcription by Karen Doyle;
‘Twas long and hard work, but she got it done
So the actors would not have lines spoiled.

Davey Jones came on as director
With assistant director Frank Gunn;
And they molded the actors Into Texans
For a play that was oh, so much fun.
Produced by Diana Paul, And then without a glitch
She became matriarch Aunt LaMerle
She could scream, and whine and bitch.

We have Ray, Andy, Tal and Jerry
Most with two eyes, but not all;
Diana, Sandy, Dodie, Audrey
Sandy, Pam and Nancy
Forever sayin’ “y’all”.

Behind the scenes so many helped
Sharon with costumes, Sydney with props;
Judi White and fab crew with make-up
Jeff made the camera pop.

Mary and Marge and Nancy
Moving stage props right on cue;
Ken Campbell orchestrating the lights
There was so much to do.

Holly, Judi and Sharon
Muriel, Diana and Mary;
Ushered people to their seats
With Janice’s programs at the ready.

And thanks to Jeff’s publicity,
And Sandy’s great ticket sales,
The crowds went wild each night
Quail Creek PAG never fails.

In the hands of the Quail Creek Team
With hearts and souls thrown in
What an incredible success
The show was a big, big Win!

"The Red Velvet Cake War" was performed on April 6, 7, 8 in the Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse Ballroom.

Please watch this space for information on our next production.

There is no limit on number of tickets you may purchase for any PAG production.


PAG show tickets are not sold at the concierge desk.

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