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PAG Board Position Descriptions

Position Description – President


The President is responsible for the overall Guild organization, management and administration. The President shall preside at all general membership and Board meetings. In addition, the President shall appoint all committees subject to ratification by the Board, unless otherwise specified (i.e. Article VIII, Section 2b). [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Solicit input from Board members for agenda 
2. Prepare monthly agendas for Board meeting and general meeting. 
3. E-mail agendas to Board members 
4. Send general meeting agenda to Publicity Chair for distribution to members. 
5. Preside at the Board and general meetings. 
6. Prepare room request forms for Board meetings and general meetings for the following year. 
7. Ensure room request forms are prepared by the VPs for the Christmas show and the spring play. 
8. Request members for the Nomination Committee. 
9. Request members for the Audit Committee. 
10. Co-sign checks for amounts over $1000.00 
11. Ensure coverage for Quail Creek events such as Discover Quail Creek and other such events.

Position Description – Vice President - Drama/Comedy

The Vice President -- Drama/Comedy ("VP/DC") is responsible for the overall selection, planning and production of drama or comedy productions, consistent with a "Production Guide" as adopted and amended from time to time by the Board. The VP/DC is also responsible for chairing the Play Committee (refer to Article VIII - Committees). The VP/VM shall insure that permission is obtained for the use of any and all published material to be used for presentation, and that royalties for such use are paid as required. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Appoint Board ratified committee members to serve on the Play Committee. 
2. Chair the Play Committee which will research, review, and suggest plays to be considered by the Guild. 
3. Coordinate the presentation of short plays, scenes, acts, etc. to be read at the general membership meetings. Individuals from within the general membership may be asked to take part in these presentations.

Position Description – Vice President - Variety/Musical

The Vice President -- Variety/Musical ("VP/VM") is responsible for the overall selection, planning and production of variety/musical productions, consistent with a "Production Guide" as adopted and amended from time to time by the Board. The VP/VM will also coordinate performances by the Guild's Singing Group. The VP/VM shall insure that permission is obtained for the use of any and all published material to be used for presentation, and that royalties for such use are paid as required. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Make production recommendations to the Board including expected revenue, if applicable, and costs (budget). 
2. Recommend a producer and a director. Either position can be the VP/VM. 
3. If the VP/VM is director or producer, they may perform in productions if approved by the Board. 
4. Preside over Board and General meetings in the absence of the President.

Position Description – Secretary

The Secretary takes minutes of all meetings (Board and General) in a form suitable for presentation at meetings and maintains all such minutes and attachments for future reference. Correspondence of the Guild shall be prepared by the secretary and presented to the designated correspondent for signature and mailing when required. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Take minutes at all Board and General meetings. 
2. Obtain a replacement when unable to attend and take minutes at a Board or General meeting. 
3. Send a draft of the Board and General meeting minutes to the president for approval. 
4. Send approved minutes to the webmaster for posting on the PAG web site. 
5. Keep a hard copy of all minutes and attachments in a permanent file or folder for future reference. 
6. Prepare correspondence for the Performing Arts Guild board and/or members as requested and present to the requestor for signature and mailing, if required.

Position Description – Treasurer

The Treasurer is charged with maintaining the bank accounts and the financial books and records of the Guild. These records are subject to oversight by the Audit Committee and the Property Owners Association. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Balance monthly checking account statements. 
2. Maintain PAG check register. (Excel worksheet or similar program works.) 
3. Prepare monthly Treasurer's Report for PAG meetings. 
4. Prepare checks for PAG expenses (receipts/billings required) and Make timely bank deposits of income. Complete a Transaction Sheet for each expense and income item. 
5. Prepare Itemization Statement at conclusion of each show's performances (Income, Expenses, and Net Profit or Loss). 
6. Maintain Ticket Sales Summary Chart of all shows. 
7. On an annual basis submit Financial Records to Audit Committee at end of fiscal year (June 30th) no later than July 31st.

Position Description – Membership

The Membership Chair is responsible for stimulating interest in the Guild (new homeowner receptions, etc.) and is the primary contact with residents interested in membership. The Membership Chair will ensure that members meet the membership requirements and shall maintain a roster of all members. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Maintain the membership roster (currently in Excel) and notify the Board when changes are made. 
2. Notify the Publicity Chair of any change to the roster as the e-mail list is maintained by that Chair. 
3. Give membership checks to the Treasurer in a timely manner. It is helpful to have a record of the new or renewal member's information in case of receipt of duplicate checks. 
4. Periodically send the roster to all members, e-mail the Publicity Chair, and give a copy to the President. 
5. Send a notification to all members at renewal time. Membership applications are on the web site

Position Description – Publicity

The Publicity Chair is responsible for publicity concerning the Guild, including but not limited to articles in Quail Creek Crossing, flyers, assisting producers with casting/general announcements and assisting the Membership Chair with membership drive communications. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Attend monthly Board and General meetings. If unable to attend and there is activity to report, convey the information to the president to report. 
2. Report to the Board and Membership any activities that are underway and plans for future events such as upcoming auditions, mailings, print ads, ticket sales events, placement of posters and flyers, and any other publicity-related undertakings. 
3. Coordinate with vice-presidents to ascertain desired activities for publicizing specific events such as plays and revues. 
4. Send e-mail to members as requested to solicit help and keep members informed of events, distribute minutes and messages from the President. 
5. Work with the Membership Chair to maintain the e-mail contact list and ensure it is updated with changes and new members' e-mail addresses. 
6. Write articles for POA's "What's Happening" to inform the community of events. 
7. Support publicity requests from Board members 
8. Train and assist the new Publicity Chair at the conclusion of the term of service.

Position Description – Members-at-Large (two)

The At-Large Board Members (two) will be responsible for designated assignments or committee chair positions, as appointed by the President, as well as any other function in support of Board duties or productions. [PAG Bylaws] 

Specific Duties
1. Attend and participate in all monthly Board and General meetings. 
2. Serve at the direction of the President and show directors on projects assigned. 
3. Work with Robson and the Director/Producer of the Christmas presentation to arrange catering for the dinner show. 
4. Arrange for ushers at all production shows. 
5. Get programs to ushers for handing out at the door or place on tables. 
6. Arrange location and catering for the cast party after last performance of Christmas show and Spring Play.

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