2018 Poetry Contest Winner

A poetry contest was held at the November 27, 2018 PAG meeting, The theme was "Giving Thanks." Seven entries were read and Davey Jones' poem, "Thankful," was selected the winner. All poets were awarded prizes for their submissions.


By Davey Jones

A poem really doesn’t have to rhyme

But it seems they do most of the time

I would never ever use beef jerky

Just to make it rhyme with turkey

Green beans and yams complete the dish

But this is not my favorite wish

Thanksgiving is not supposed to be

About how come we all are free

Veterans Day is an important time

But just one day seems such a crime

Our military folks all earn our thanks

whether in planes or ships or tanks

They’re sent to dangerous lands to roam

Sadly many of them never come home

The rest of us gather with close friends

Seems the celebration never ends

Next time you think of red, white and blue

Give a soldier a genuine “Thank you”

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